Welcome to Nathalie’s Notes: Authenticity has long been the core of my writer platform. However/also, I am a) human b) live in a small town and, c) am raising kids and employed in said small town ergo … I’ve settled for almost authentic. And that seems fair enough, right?

I’m a writer, not a web site maker person so, there’s that to contend with as a reader, and for this I apologize. I, too, wish for this to be a more glamourous space. When I got my degree in journalism from Western Washington University we didn’t have, like, web site development add on options. At least not that I remember? Back then we thought print journalism was like a forever thing. (Shameless plug to please, please, please subscribe to your local, independently owned newspaper if you’re lucky enough to still have one.)

I started blogging in 2005. My Nathalie’s Notes has taken a few twists and turns along the way with me and I find myself here, with a new platform, a shiny new site and deliberating on how, or whether to, bring all my old material along with me. We’ll see.